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Bon Parfumeur Scented Hand Cream 801


SKU: BONPERF-801CREAM Availability: In stock

Scented Hand Cream 801: sea spray, cedar and grapefruit 30ML

Sea, spray and sun! Like the sea breeze brushing against your face, 801 refreshes with its trio of Italian citrus fruits. This wind then picks up, sending spices, pink pepper and nutmeg swirling. The rows of cedars and cypresses fill the air with their facets of wood dried by the sun’s rays. A summer memory to wear all year round. Try pairing it with a more woody note, like that of fragrance 601, for lots of elegance and supreme freshness

  • 100% made in France
  • 98% ingredients from natural origin
  • 0% plastic
  • 100% sugar cane base tube

Includes organic Aloe Vera with many excellent properties: moisturising, soothing, healing, tensing, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging! It repairs your hands and leaves them soft.



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