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Ilapothecary SOS Body Balm


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Awarded the Harper’s Bazaar Best of the Best Beauty Awards 2019.

Ilapothecary’s SOS Body Balm is an award-winning, powerful, divine-smelling herbal balm which soothes and calms dry skin, hydrates and deeply moisturises. This balm can also help relieve aching muscles, swollen joints and bruises. Hand made in the UK, it is a beautiful blend of Arnica, essential oils, including Blue camomile; which is a known anti-inflammatory & can help to calm and ease tension, Rose, sweetened with Vanilla – the delicious aromatherapy scent helps balance the mood for those feeling weary.

To use:

Use after a warm bath, rub in lovingly all over the body and on aching muscles, swollen joints, on sunburn or to relieve mosquito bite symptoms.

  • Blue Chamomile has cooling and clearing properties and is a known anti-inflammatory for body, mind and skin. Blue Chamomile helps to ease tension and allows space to simply be. It helps to clear heat from the mind and body and to let go. It is known to be an oil of peace and acceptance. Ideal before sleeping.
  • Arnica has soothing and healing properties and is known as the panacea for all kinds of inflammation. Arnica is a remedy for bruises, it helps to soothe tired aching muscles, as well as reduce swelling caused by sprains and other injuries. Also, good for soothing mosquito bite symptoms.

Remedy Number 101
The energy of number 101 resonates with harmony and love. It is about co-operation and restoration.

100% natural.


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