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Nailberry CLEAN Bi-Phase Nail Colour Remover


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Why stop your nail care regime when it comes to carefully removing your Nailberry nail polish?  This new gentle product uses innovative Bi-Phase technology, infused with moisture and nutrition to quench and rehabilitate while removing nail colour.

Phase 1. AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) helps restore, rejuvenate and harden nails

Phase 2. Contains Muscat Rose Tree oil, rich in fatty acids which contributes to improve nail health by nourishing and hydrating nail bed and skin around nail.

This effective formula gently removes polish from the nail bed, without drying the skin.

Acetone Free – Suitable for use on natural nails

Muscat Tree Rose Oil – Improve nail health by nourishing and hydrating nail bed.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids – Helps restore, rejuvenate and harden nails

Free From – The remover has been formulated without: Acetone and Parabens

Vegan – The naturally derived formulation is suitable for vegans





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