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Ilapothecary Beat The Blues Room Spray 50ml


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Ilapothecary’s room spray contains the most powerful essential oils that are known to uplift emotions. An effective and transformative alchemical blend, it helps to clear an atmosphere and creates a peaceful and uplifting space. Clary Sage, also known as one of Nature’s happiness inducing oils, combined with Rose Geranium restores peace and harmony, whilst Tuberose and Petitgrain are known to calm the mind and elevate our souls. The perfect holistic uplift.

To use:

Keep beside your computer, in the car, or in the room you spend the most time in. Spray on curtains and pillows, in your drawers and wardrobes, or simply into the atmosphere (particularly after any heated discussions).

  • Clary Sage is known to be inspiring, revitalising and one of nature’s happiness inducing oils. It is strengthening yet relaxing, it is known to boost self-esteem, confidence, hope and emotional strength. Its musky sweetness enlivens the senses, while steadying the mind.
  • Petitgrain is known as a releasing and self-accepting angelic fragrance. A plant that is believed to protect against mental anguish, help release anger, and known to heal emotional wounds. This oil helps us ‘be’ rather than ‘do’. It is hence useful for those moments when you want to calm and clear the mind.

Remedy Number 27
27 is about believing in yourself and listening to your intuition. It is self-affirming and fortifying


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